Friday, February 14, 2020

Asylum Challenge: Update 4

I am very proud to tell you that I have finished this challenge! So in this update I will gather everything that happened since the last chapter and finish the story.

I am glad to tell that several things have happened that made the game more fun. First, Tavo was abducted by aliens.

I expected him to get pregnant. It would have been fun to see what happened in a house with a single controllable sim and a baby but unfortunately it was the alien was male.

Second, I bought Lola the multitab, I don't know if it counts as a cheat but as I said in the previous update, the game has a lot of problems so I wanted to finish it as soon as possible. She will learn guitar while painting.

Third, and the most interesting thing that has happened so far, we had a couple! Drusilla and Elphaba!

The relationship didn't have the best start.

Drusilla rejected the kiss and Elphaba wasn't the only one with a broken heart at the moment. I was hoping for a some romatic action between the my sims.

But with the passing of days (hours actually) Drusilla began to accept Elphaba's advances.

The night of the full moon helped a little (or a lot).

And I decided to make the only direct command to an uncontrollable sim in the whole game, I broke the rule conscientiously. But they deserved it.

Meanwhile Lola kept painting and to honor the only couple in the house, she painted a moment of their lives.

At this point the house was a disaster and I decided to stop worrying and I didn't send Lola to fix things or clean.

Which lasted only a few hours when it started to bother me again.

The strange thing is that I am more of a neat freak in the sims than in real life.

One day we had a visitor to the house who entered without invitation.

He was so cute that I wanted to adopt it but I didn't know if was against the rules so just in case I didn't. The werewolves were a little worried about the possible competition.

So Drusilla assured them that they were the asylum's favorite canines.

And if anyone wonders, yes,  Spike keeps slapping people.

Now I am going to spam the update with this sequence because it's something that I found very tender.

While Drusilla tried to terrorize her, Elphaba looked at her indulgently. I always find this interaction sweet.

Beyond romance, the inhabitants of the house made some attempts to skill, but it wasn't enough, you'll see in the scores.

At least Apollo made a sculpture.

At last Lola maxed painting. Here's the screenshot proving it.

A few days later she reached guitar level ten and fulfilled her lifetime wish.

So now she was free to leave so she took her few belongings, her inmates didn't seem to notice what she was doing...

so without saying goodbye, she left the asylum.

Shee looked into the asylum through the window of the limo and wondered what her future would hold.

It was time to find out.


And with this I completed the challenge and the story, I think I'm going to use Lola to start another challenge, maybe some of Boolprop since I'm not doing any at the moment.

This is the score:

Skill point 45
Lifetime points controlled sim 85 (Lola has 85583 points).
Days in the asylum -18 (week 3 day 4).
Total: 112 points.

The skill points by sim:

painting 10
cooking 2
guitar 10
handiness 5

cooking 2
logic 2
cooking 1
cooking 1
Tavo  0
cooking 2
guitar 1
cooking 3
guitar 2
sculpting 2
cooking 1
social networking 1
Spike 0
athletic 2

Tavo and Spike were the only unskilled sims which doesn't surprise me at all. If slapping people had been a skill, Spike would surely have won.


  1. Woo, congrats on finishing the challenge! They really didn't do a lot of skilling, but great job with the points anyway. They were still positive and you made it through!

    1. Yes, they were a bit lazy hahaha. Thank for reading and commenting the whole challenge! :)