Sunday, October 20, 2019

Asylum Challenge: Update 2

The first thing Lola did was to go to the cemetery to retrieve the graves of the recent unknown dead in the lot and buy food at the grocery store, the only time she will leave the asylum. The others didn't waste time to meet each other.

Drusilla: Don't you think my smile is beautiful? I still don't understand why they think I'm a danger to others, I just wanto to smile at them!
Meanwhile in the background...
Glinda: Don't tell anyone, but I think there is a witch among us.
Tavo: Mmm... you?
Blueberry: Your house is beautiful, thank you so much for inviting me! It's so colorful! So fitting for a faery like you!

Upon returning this is the first things Lola encountered.
Lola: Oh no what a sad sight.

Lola: Ahhh that's better.

Some sims started working on their skills. Like Blueberry with cooking.

And Apollo with painting.

When I returned with Blueberry to see how she continued with the food, I find her a few steps away from the kitchen.

Blueberry: I think Elphaba is cause for suspicion.
An I think her face is cause of suspicion.

You don't think you forget something?
Blueberry: No?

And because sims have less preservation than raw meat, they all ran to panic beside the fire.

Luckily, Arandano rescued the day and the stove, so we won't have to replace it. (He's  behind the foam).

After that little home accident, the patients believed that this was the best place to socialize.

Except for Blueberry, that despite being the cause of the fire,  was more worried about the movie on television.

And where was our only controllable sim when all this happened? Painting, obviously, the more she works on her skills, the faster she can leave this place.

After this, the sims gathered in the kitchen, continued there for several hours of the game where the only one who did something useful were, on the one hand Arandano practicing at the bar.

On the other, Tavo and Amelle starring in this fun sequence.

Well, it wasn't useful but very entertaining and so fitting for a werewolf and a fairy.

The one that was productive was Lola, who finished the painting. (It goes very well with this house).

And then she cooked a very safe fireproof salad.

The rest of the day several things happened that have no relation between them but it was very fun to watch.
Like Drusilla arguing with the toilet.

The first sim that didn't reach the bathroom, I didn't get to see who it was but the bubbles in the head of the majority and the green cloud around Arandano announce him as the suspect.

Blueberry trying to use the toilet but being interrupted by several inmates.

Blueberry: I just wanto to pee!

Spike don't getting along with Glinda.

Maybe she reminds him of another blonde girl. Now that I look closely at Glinda, I find her resembling a certain slayer.

Second sim peeing herself.

Elphaba: Earth swallow me, please.

Elber finding the whole situation very stressful.

Drusilla starving and doing nothing to remedy it! There are several plasma frutis in the fridge, Dru!

Blueberry playing the guitar and waking up those who had just gone to bed even though they are in another room! What type of nonesense is this? They really got up to go listen to her.

Third sim peeing herself.

Spike: This is very distasteful of you.

Fourth sim with bathroom accident.
Amelle: What was disteful again?

Lola couldn't stand so much idiocy and got out of bed, just to end up being bothered by Arandano.

That didn't prevent that they heart farted each other.

Which is not much to say because everyone shares two traits and I made them all bisexual so everyone is pretty much attracted to everyone.

After that I took advantage of Lola being awake to make her clean the toilet.
Lola: Why is it so dirty? It's not been 24 hours since we're here and half of the inhabitants peed themself.

A very good question and a good place to finish this update because as Lola said it hasn't been 24 hours and already has happened all of this .

If this were an isbi it would be in red numbers, I'm having so much fun with this!

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a crazy time you are having. I have had plenty of sims pee themselves, 1/2 the time they don't even seem to try and make it to the toilet, but oh well. What great fun!